Blood and Ice Games Update

Update 12-27-2018

So if you have not checked out the games we finally have all groups represented on the site for Blood and Ice 2019. Game times have been posted and the conference room assignments were posted on Facebook, but they will be replicated here, also.

Spaz has his referee’s uniform. Beware!

Please note that the storytellers of the games have deadlines for sheets

and custom content stated on their games page.

Get your requests for sheets in as soon as possible. Thanks!

Reminder from the Team


If you have not registered or reserved your hotel room for the event Blood and Ice: Fangs and Flix please do so as soon as possible. Rooms get reserved quickly, so visit the event pages to save time and frustration!

Also, if you are a storyteller running a game for the event with your clan (we have Cam/Anarch, Mage, and Sabbat already…), please get your game information to so it can be posted to the site under the Games tab. Thanks!

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