Good Day everyone!


Welcome to the Milwaukee Nocturnal Rapture OWBN Larp website.

What is Larp? – Live action Role Playing
What is OWBN? – One World by Night organization
What is Milwaukee Nocturnal Rapture? – Name of our local game
What do you Play? – We play Vampire the Masquerade
How do I get in touch? – Reach out to us on our facebook page, you can find that linked below!
When do you play? – 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month unless it falls on a holiday.

What is Blood and Ice? – Whole bunch of folks come to ice cold Milwaukee each January to Larp many different genre’s for a weekend.
Search for Blood and Ice on facebook to find out more! Or click –
You can find out the latest information under the Blood and Ice Menu

We’re looking for a few good players

Interested in joining our gatherings? Bring yourself and a few friends to our game!

Nocturnal Rapture thrives on a large group gathering for political intrigue, clan wars,and other mischief throughout the evening.

Need a guide to get started? Read our House Rules and the Camarilla Wiki, both located in the Contact/Links section of the site under the Information banner.