Changling Game

Afternoon one and all!

My name is Charzyk, Emperor of Goblinkind in my own little area, and I welcome you to a special night. Ever want something just a little special? Your own powers just a bit lacking? You just need that one small advantage to defeat a powerful enemy? Well we are here to help! One night only, a goblin market open to all! Trade trinkets, treasures, wonders, charms, fetishes, one night only at the Blood & Ice Goblin Market! (All sales final, theft, breakage, and harm of fellow participants is…discouraged).

We got mummies, we got will workers, we got vampires, we got fae, we have furries of every breed! You need it, you can find it here, one night only. CBMR Presents : The Chicago Underground Goblin Market! Even if you don’t think you have anything to trade, we are sure to be able to find something to take from you instead, so come anyway! All are welcome!

Mummies, Kuei Jin, Wraiths, think you have nowhere to show up? Well, we do not discriminate against anyone who owns something they could part with. Feel free to trade freely, or set up your own booth if you have a treasure trove! (Percentages may be taken from booth deals.) Even the most quiet Sluagh will be heard in our market!

So come one, come all, and find that one…special…thing…that you need.

Charzyk, Goblin King.



HST–Yelsin R.

Game time Thursday and Friday 6pm until Midnight

Sheets due by 1/5/2019

email to: and