Welcome from HST Spaz

This January I will be your Hosting HST for Nocturnal Rapture.

Some important info to remember.

Hotel pre registration deadline: 11/30

Event pre registration: $30.00
Event door price: $40.00
Cash or PayPal only (milwaukeeheadst@gmail.com)

Event registration provides access to any of the games MNR is hosting. Anything regarding games, please see that Games HST, or myself or Wenzel as the Hosting HST and Hosting CM.

Custom content advanced sheet deadline:
December 15, 2018

Advanced (no custom content) sheet deadline: Jan 1, 2019

Sheets possessing custom content sent after its deadline require time taken away from holidays and from non-custom content sheets. As such will face heavier restrictions for sake of ease and speed.

Custom content not sent in advance will be denied at the door without exception.

All characters with blood magic requiring pre-reqs will be verified. Characters found without their Pre-reqs will have all blood magic of that paradigm removed from their sheet, and notification sent to the appropriate coordinator.

Individual guest games will be welcome to pursue individual disciplinary actions. They will very likely be supported by MNR. I have a form letter prepared and available upon request.

In addition to standard behavior/rules expectation. Damage to the hotel, or failure to comply with a hotel staff members instructions can result in disciplinary actions. These infractions will be communicated from the hotel to our site/event coordinator and then enforced by Nocturnal Rapture.

MNR House rules will follow current MNR house rules. Our current rules will likely not change much for the event. But will be finalized for event considerations by december 31st.

Characters wishing to engage in MNR combat MUST inform the hst or an ast (not a narrator) as soon as possible. Before any steps taken to prepare, ambush, track or anything else. The player will be provided a card by said staff for verification. Characters whom have not acquired this verification in advance will be assumed to be at the gathering location, with nothing active and without surprise.

ALL MNR combats will hold in place anti disruption rules.
1st warning – loss of 2 willpower & 2 temporary traits
2nd warning – 3 aggravated damage which may not in any way be mitigated
3rd warning – both 1st and 2nd effects
Final – character falls unconscious where they stand.

The event game is geared toward a social environment. Self control, instinct, courage and path checks will be enforced. While combat may happen it will attempt to be smooth, quick, and fair.

Players whom are eating in the event game restaurant are OOC, their characters are not available. This is not a hang out or meeting space. This is an area for meals and your table is likely needed for someone else wishing to eat. The reason for this is that the restaurant space is smaller than you are accustomed to at these events and there is not an excess of space for 1/4 the attendance to hold private meetings or hang out for extended time.

Beverages are available in game space with private bar tender, characters are IC as they are in the play space.

Event registration is an OOC space. However it is not a hang out space, once finished registering you are expected to vacate the room unless you have further needs of the event staff.

Questions please ask.